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The Bigg Sam Slam Challenge, is just that–a Challenge. This fishing tournament is inshore and is for both adult and youth anglers. In place of a weigh in, anglers must log their fish data via the iAngler app. This information helps conservation organizations collect data as to fish migrations, population locations, and sizes. Anglers aim to catch 3 species of fish: flounder, redfish, and trout. This is called a “slam”. Their fish must be in-slot, meaning that the fish cannot be over a state regulated size. This makes The Bigg Sam Slam Challenge a very rare tournament as anglers are not just going for the “biggest catch”, but must use skill and a little bit of luck to catch all three species.

Challenge: Boat and Kayak teams will all go head to head in one big free for all to see who is the best

Note: Teams will be 2 person max for boats and kayaks. There can be 1 person teams as well but you compete against all teams. All logged catches counts as one team score.


historyhow the tournament started and grown

The Bigg Sam Slam Fishing Tournament first began February 2017 as an event to celebrate Sam Baker’s birthday. What was supposed to be a few friends competing and claiming bragging rights turned into an annual fishing tournament. As it continues to grow in popularity, Sam wanted to add a conservation component and really make this tournament unique, so he paired up with GTM Research Reserve. This tournament will help benefit the Sol Margin Fishing & Conservation Foundation—a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


ICWW From Nassau River to Palm Coast Toll Bridge

*Includes st. johns river mayport & Mayport Inlet area

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