Sponsorship Description

Are you a business or company that wants to make a real impact in your community? Do you want to support environmental initiatives, education, and outreach? If so, we invite you to become a sponsor of the Bigg Sam Slam Tournament series. This is truly a unique event that spans the course of 6 months. It is a fishing tournament, an educational initiative, and an environmental clean-up event series.

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Why Become A Sponsor?

Watch the video to hear about what your support can do.



What is included in a Sponsorship?

6 Month Acknowledgement

This event is not "one and done". Sponsors will be recognized for SIX months.

Award Ceremony

Sponsors will be recognizes at our Awards Ceremony at the end of our event series.

Seen By All Ages

Our event will attract hundreds of participants from all different ages, background, and genders as it is a public, family-friendly event.

Gain Exposure

Your business can provide us with materials that will be passed out in swag bags, event tables, and to participants.


Each sponsorship will come with 1 ticket to the Awards Ceremony. Researchers will reveal their findings and data from the series.


Become a Sponsor

There are many ways you can support this event series. 

Sponsor Event

Helps cover general costs incurred from hosting the event.

Sponsor Awards Luncheon

Help pay for the cost of the food and beverages for the Awards Ceremony.

Sponsor Prizes

Donations will go towards purchasing prizes for anglers, volunteers, and participants.

Swag Bag

Help cover event information and giveaways.

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